Stay safe and fit
throughout the winter!

Perform at your very best and stay protected with high-tech products from Bauerfeind.

Athletes all over the world rely on medical aids from Bauerfeind. Our products are used preventatively, following an injury or during rehab. Bauerfeind has been present at the Olympic Games since 2002 with an on-site orthotics service team, including, most recently, at the 2012 Games in London, in the polyclinic in the Olympic Village, offering medical care to all participating athletes. Bauerfeind supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings, and orthopedic foot orthoses came to the aid of athletes on more than 700 occasions.

You can rely on us too!

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced amateur or a professional – the winter wonderland lures everyone out onto the ski slopes, cross-country skiing trail or ice. Unaccustomed movements, increased strain, excessive risk-taking or carelessness quickly lead to accidents and injuries. High-tech products from Bauerfeind help to protect vulnerable parts of the body and quickly get them fit again. Protect your body! It will thank you for it.


On your skis,
get set, go!

Sweep down into the valley!

Whether you are on a green circle or double black diamond – hitting the slopes is demanding. Carving, weaving or speeding straight downhill requires maximum effort from the whole body. Reach the bottom safely with...


On your board!

Glide skillfully into the valley

Half-pipes, snow parks and deep snow make snowboarders' hearts beat faster. With cool jumps and swift downhill runs, snowboarding is great fun. So your hands and shoulders see it that way too, get on your board with...


The trail is calling!

Stay on track

A long cross-country ski trip through the white winter wonderland is fun, but makes your legs feel heavy. Moving forward in the snow requires a lot of effort. Push on full of energy with...


All over the world
top-class athletes
rely on our products.