VenoTrain® micro balance - with LYCRA® fiber

Wearing comfort and skin care in one!

People with vein disorders frequently suffer from dry and itchy skin. As a response, Bauerfeind has developed VenoTrain micro balance, the first compression stocking in the world with an integrated skin care complex. VenoTrain micro balance combines the circulation-stimulating properties of a compression stocking with the skin caring benefits of a premium quality body lotion.

  • protects against the development of varicose veins
  • emulsion with vitamin E, urea and passion fruit seed oil
  • available in three classic colors and two therapeutic compression levels

LYCRA MEDICAL Perfect-Fit System  Microfiber

Product Details
Leg and Skin Therapy - for your wellbeing

VenoTrain micro balance can help to restore the skin's natural moisture level if you suffer from rough, dry skin on your legs. The compression stocking contains skin care substances, which have been shown to be effective in clinical studies. After multiple washing cycles the stockings can be re-sprayed with the emulsion to maintain the skin care properties. The Reload-emulsion can be purchased separately.

Fits, supports and cares for your skin

When traveling, during pregnancy or following venous procedures, VenoTrain micro balance offers double benefits for your legs. Integrated skin care substances make the stocking easy to put on and take off and reduce the pressure sensation on the skin. With a microfiber content of 50%, the knit has the appearance of an opaque, stylish, fine-quality stocking. Thanks to Bauerfeind's Perfect-Fit System, VenoTrain micro balance is revolutionary in terms of providing perfect fit which is critical for wearing comfort and user compliance.

Premium quality from trained specialists

VenoTrain compression stockings and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical and orthopedic specialists. Here, trained staff will advise you, take precise measurements and ensure that your compression stockings are sitting comfortably and securely in position.


Colors VenoTrain micro balance


The principle
The principle of the VenoTrain® micro balance

The fibers of the stocking are refined with active skin care substances. The skin receives a supply of vital substances throughout the day - tangible and long-lasting.

The principle

The fibers of the VenoTrain micro balance are refined with a high-dosage nourishing formula of precious oils and vitamin E.

When worn, the substances are gradually released onto the skin. The skin only absorbs as much as it needs in order to restore its natural balance.

Depending on your skin type, the active substance in the compression stocking is depleted after a number of washes. The Spray Emulsion is then used to maintain the skin care effect.

As the active substances are depleted over time, they are simply re-applied using the special spray emulsion. A special pre-treatment of the stockings ensures that the substances adhere to the knit of the VenoTrain micro balance.

The results of a clinical study provide evidence of the excellent compatibility of the active substances, as well as their positive effects on the skin.

  • Significant skin improvement within a week
  • Reduction in the roughness of the skin as the skin's necessary moisture balance is maintained
  • Significant reduction in itching
Perfect-Fit System
Perfect-Fit System VenoTrain micro balance