Extra comfort when wearing MOS-Genu

New microfiber cushion for the hard frame orthosis

Sep 20, 2018

The MOS-Genu knee orthosis cushions now have a new top cover made of soft microfiber. For patients, this means additional comfort during everyday activities when wearing the hard frame orthosis – for example to correct a leg axis misalignment or for stabilization following osteotomy or an injury of the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL).

The blue microfiber cushions are attached to the inside of the thigh and lower leg frames as well as to the belts using VELCRO® fasteners and ensure a comfortable fit of the MOS-Genu on the leg. They can easily be detached for cleaning and wiped off with a damp cloth or washed in the machine at 30 °C. In addition, the cushions for the frame and the belts on the lower leg have small areas with an extremely thin silicone film on the top cover. These siliconized areas have a non-slip effect when they come into contact with the skin. Thanks to the reinforced adhesion on the lower leg, on the calf muscle belly in particular, the orthosis always stays securely in its correct position during movement.

The microfiber cushions are part of the design for new MOS-Genu orthoses and their spare parts. The MOS-Genu knee orthosis is available in a short and long version. Its anatomically preformed hard frame design is very stiff and provides the leverage forces required for correcting the leg axis in accordance with the 3-point principle. In the varus setting, the orthosis provides targeted relief for the lateral compartment of the knee, while the valgus setting relieves the medial compartment. In addition, the MOS-Genu stabilizes the knee joint according to the 4-point principle, counteracting anterior and posterior instability. 

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