MalleoTrain Plus provides stability after trauma

Results from the international non-interventional study about medical aid treatment for sports injuries

May 18, 2018

In an international non-interventional study about Train supports, MalleoTrain Plus contributed to regaining better stability in 215 documented cases. Most of the patients were treated with the ankle support following supination trauma caused by stumbling or slipping during exercise or in everyday life. Around 20 percent of patients suffered from chronic instability or osteoarthritis of the ankle, common direct or long-term results of past traumas.

Whether it is used in combination with other forms or treatment such as pain relief or physiotherapy or as the sole treatment method: patients who used the MalleoTrain Plus returned to the same feeling of stability they had before their injury. At the end of therapy, almost 90% of patients rated the stabilizing effect of the support as “good” to “very good.” 90.8 percent said that they experienced no or no major restrictions regarding mobility in their daily lives. The ankle’s range of motion was measured using the neutral zero method and dorsal extension was found to have improved significantly. The majority of patients also perceived pain relief to be good or very good. The share of patients who took pain medication decreased from 63.9 percent at the start of the survey to just 39.8 percent at the end.
MalleoTrain Plus provides stabilization for the ankle via three components: a compression knit that activates the muscles, anatomically shaped pads and an adjustable strap system that is wound in a figure of eight and has an effect similar to a tape bandage. The support protects patients against sprains without restricting the foot’s dorsal extension and plantar flexion.
In the period from July 2015 to March 2016, the non-interventional Bauerfeind study documented 1,651 patient cases from nine countries, where injuries were treated with supports and orthoses. Analyses regarding the MalleoTrain Plus and the knee supports GenuTrain, GenuTrain P3, as well as the lumbar support LumboTrain and the elbow support EpiTrain are available as digital whitepapers. If you would like to receive the PDF files, please send an e-mail to

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