New seam, smooth edging

ManuLoc hand orthoses

Feb 22, 2018

Ultrasound will be used on the edges of the three layers of material in ManuLoc hand orthoses in future to weld them into a narrow seam.

The result will be smoother edging with an airtight seal, improving the durability of the product and keeping it looking good for longer, even when worn extensively. The edging around the large thumb hole of the ManuLoc, ManuLoc long, and ManuLoc long Plus is being kept unsealed and wider to protect the sensitive tendon compartments. With the long versions of
the hand orthoses, the edging of the last segment on the forearm is also being left unsealed. The ManuLoc hand orthoses immobilize a painful wrist. Depending on the particular version, the thumb, long fingers, and parts of the forearm can also be immobilized. Production will move over to the new
ultrasonic welded seam in a smooth transition process starting in March.

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