More comfortable pantyhose top

VenoTrain soft compression pantyhose

Jul 31, 2017

The compression pantyhose (AT), maternity pantyhose (ATU), and single-leg pantyhose (ATE) styles of VenoTrain soft are now even more comfortable to wear.

They now feature a pantyhose top with even greater elasticity and a wider comfort waistband. The fit has also been improved. Besides being extremely comfortable, the new pantyhose top has specially knitted zones which are visibly shaped to the abdominal area and buttocks. This makes the pantyhose both comfortable and more visually attractive. With its fine knit, VenoTrain soft gently massages the skin, while invigorating the veins and stimulating circulation. The hard-wearing yet gentle compression stocking is particularly suitable for people with softer connective tissue and lends a beneficial level of support.

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