Sports socks for “athletic” calves

“Compression Sock Training” and “Compression Sock Performance”

Dec 4, 2014

Many athletes find wearing compression products beneficial. They improve the circulation, protect the muscles, and speed up regeneration. However, individual movement patterns strain the feet and legs in different ways.

Bauerfeind therefore offers two different types of sports sock. The “Compression Sock Training” supports the ankle and muscles during rapid turns and jumps, such as in ball sports. The “Compression Sock Performance” with its circulation-stimulating properties is ideal for endurance sports. The thin, breathable material is comfortable to wear during long runs or when cycling. Both sports socks are also taking athletes’ varying leg shapes in account from mid-December with a uniform size system. “Compression Sock Training” and “Compression Sock Performance” are available for four different calf circumferences in sizes S, M, L and XL, each with a short or long sole.

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