Focus on the removable thumb support

New name for the ManuLoc Rhizo

Dec 11, 2014

From January, Bauerfeind’s hand and thumb orthosis previously known as the ManuRhizoLoc will be called the “ManuLoc Rhizo.” The new name puts more emphasis on what it has in common with the ManuLoc hand orthosis. Placing “Rhizo” at the end makes it clear that the thumb support can be removed from the orthosis if necessary as treatment progresses.

As with the ManuLoc, leaving the thumb free enables patients to grip with a secured wrist and allows further mobilization. The name change will be implemented on the product packaging and in all promotional and informative materials in a smooth transition process. The previous item numbers will still apply, because all the features of the stabilizing orthosis for the wrist and the carpometacarpal and basal joints of the thumb remain unchanged.

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