Redesigned upper arm loop


Oct 28, 2014

The OmoLoc uses three arm loops to hold the arm in the 0 degree abduction position, immobilizing the shoulder joint after surgery or luxation, while allowing the arm to rest at a right angle. To make this position more comfortable, we repositioned the plastic buckle diverting the tensioning strap on the upper arm loop and added a soft velour padding.

The buckle is now positioned further toward the outside of the upper arm, preventing it from causing undue strain on the forearm. This will make it easier to tighten the strap and therefore to put on and take off the orthosis. The soft velour underneath the plastic buckle protects the skin from irritation while fastening the strap and wearing the orthosis.

All of the OmoLoc's arm loops can be positioned freely along the abdominal strap to guarantee a secure hold no matter how long the wearer’s arm is. The open and light construction without a shoulder strap makes maintaining personal hygiene easier, particularly around the wound.

The switchover to the redesigned upper arm loop is being incorporated seamlessly into the production process.

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