Change to a micro Velcro fastening


Aug 22, 2014

The abdominal fastening and the tensioning straps on the LordoLoc lumbar orthosis are now fastened with micro Velcro. The orthosis is making a smooth transition over to this new fastening system. The LordoLoc relieves pain in the lumbar spine and gently straightens it. It is used for treating lumbago or chronic low back pain.

Once the LordoLoc has changed over to this new fastening system, all back products from Bauerfeind will have micro Velcro fastenings. This standardized solution is in the interests of both effective therapy and the patient. Micro Velcro can withstand a high level of tensile force in a longitudinal direction, but relatively little force is required in a transverse direction to undo the fastening. Once they are fastened, the supports and orthoses remain securely in place with every movement and their stabilizing effect is kept constant. The fastenings can be opened and closed easily at any time, making the orthoses easy to put on and take off. Micro Velcro is ideal for discreet designs, as the fastenings are flat and barely show when worn under clothing.

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