“Short” version with a shorter pad

Spinova Support Plus

Aug 22, 2014

As of July 15, the bridging pad for the Spinova Support Plus will also be available in a “Short” version for patients who are under 1.70 meters tall or have a short upper body. The anatomically contoured back pad supports lumbar lordosis and runs from the sacral bone and under the shoulder blade at a width of up to two fingers. The choice between the “Short” and “Standard” versions will ensure that patients always have a pad that fits perfectly and produces the optimum effect when they are standing, sitting or walking.

The design of the Spinova Support Plus multifunctional orthosis is based on a modified Hohmann brace. It relieves and straightens the lumbar spine. The large back pad distributes forces out toward the thoracic spine, pelvis and sacral bone. Elements of the orthosis can be individually removed according to the patient’s stage of treatment and progress of recovery, thus offering greater flexibility and helping to enable gradual mobilization.

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