Sports stocking for endurance sports

Compression Sock Performance

Jul 2, 2014

From July, Bauerfeind will be offering a sport stocking specially designed for endurance sports: the Compression Sock Performance. The noticeable compression it exerts over a large surface area improves circulation and reduces tiring muscle vibrations. This revitalizes legs more quickly and helps them to keep fit for longer.

Fine lines in the calf area outline the muscle path, stretch with it and provide support when the leg is under persistent stress. Padding is provided for the sole and instep of the foot to make heel-to-toe movements more comfortable. There is also a protective channel for the Achilles tendon to reduce pressure and rubbing in this sensitive area. The Compression Sock Performance is made from particularly fine microfiber knit. This light, breathable material is ideal for diverting heat and moisture.

In addition to this new sports stocking, Bauerfeind also offers the Compression Sock Training. It exerts gentle compression at certain points and provides greater ankle stability thanks to its taping zone. Soft padding around the foot absorbs any impact and reduces pressure peaks. This makes the Compression Sock Training particularly suitable for sports involving quick changes of direction, such as football, basketball or tennis.

Both sports stockings are exclusively available over the counter from medical supply retailers.

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