The X factor

ErgoPad weightflex

May 14, 2012

Bauerfeind has developed a new injection molding systems for manufacturing synthetic foot orthoses by combining two types of plastic in a single orthotic core. With three different degrees of firmness, the asymmetric "weightflex-X" in the core supports the wearer with a variable supporting force depending on the individual condition of the foot, therapeutic goals and body weight. Thanks to their flexibility in the forefoot and heel areas, the foot orthoses can easily be worn in shoes with higher heels.

ErgoPad weightflex, the new orthopedic foot orthosis from Bauerfeind, is based on the spiral-dynamic principle of natural movement. The "weightflex-X" integrated into the orthotic core directs forces from the outside inward via two pivot points, thus supporting the torsional ability of the feet and optimizing the wearer's gait pattern. Side pieces facing each other act as countersupports. Moderate longitudinal and transversal arch supports raise and stabilize the feet and reduce non-physiological loads.

And since every individual has unique arch support requirements depending on the personal condition of his feet, the cores are available with soft, medium or strong levels of firmness. These foot orthoses can be glued together with a variety of various cushion layers and top covers, making them highly versatile. This is a particular advantage for users who like to wear heeled shoes. The core can be bent slightly in the forefoot and heel areas – like a hinge joint. This means that the foot orthosis can easily be adapted to fit any heel gradient.

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