First Bauerfeind shop in South America opened


Mar 28, 2012

Excitement is already mounting in Brazil, as the nation looks forward to hosting both the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. And Bauerfeind AG from the Thuringian town of Zeulenroda now has its own presence in the country: at the end of March, the first Bauerfeind shop in South America was officially opened in São Paulo. Its product range is targeted at people of all ages who are actively involved in sport.

The shop is located in the Higienopolis district in the very center of São Paulo – which, with just under twelve million inhabitants, is the largest city in Brazil. Housed in a shopping arcade, the shop covers over 50 square meters and sells a range of Bauerfeind supports and orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic orthoses. A local entrepreneur, inspired by his existing relationships and collaboration projects with athletes and sports physicians, decided to set up this new shop selling only Bauerfeind products.

"The product range is therefore very much targeted at people actively involved in sport," explains Alejandro Giletto, International Sales Manager for Latin America and Canada at Bauerfeind. The range therefore includes the VenoTrain sport compression stocking and the TRIactive foot orthosis for sports shoes, among other products. In terms of their function and effects, both of these products are specially designed to meet the needs of all athletes – from amateurs to professionals. It goes without saying that a range of Bauerfeind Train active supports is also available – from the EpiTrain for the treatment of tennis elbow right through to various back and knee supports, such as LumboTrain and GenuTrain, and the MalleoTrain ankle support.

The sales staff use modern measurement technology to ensure that the products fit perfectly. "Image 3D", for example, makes it possible to determine the right sizes for compression stockings – and even to produce custom-made solutions – while the "MediLogic" measurement system precisely determines pressure conditions under the feet. The measurement data is then transferred to a computer where the system identifies both static and dynamic pressure situations and displays them in graphic form. Pressure peaks and the associated problematic zones of the feet are therefore clearly identified, including in relation to sport-specific strains. The data is used to ensure that the correct orthopedic orthoses are selected. The foot orthoses are then ground in the shop itself, right in front of the customer.

„By offering expert advice and professional care, we can meet the exacting requirements of customers who are actively involved in sport," says Alejandro Giletto. The sales team undergoes regular product training to ensure that staff are always equipped with the latest knowledge.

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