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The fifth “Robert Stemmer” seminar, entitled “The Compression Therapy and Phlebolym-
phology”, took place in Naples, Italy from November 7-9, 2013. Scientific Director Prof.
Dr. Marcello Izzo was delighted with the wide range of topics that he was able to offer to
participants.The prestigious list of speakers also included Dr. Mario Sica, Vice President
of the French Society of Phlebology, who spoke on “Compression Therapy and Sports: The
Different Aspects.” In his lecture, among other topics, he talked about a study on the use
of VenoTrain sport in the Marathon de Paris in 2011. The study clearly showed that wearing
compression stockings when doing extremely strenuous sport protects the veins during the
activity and helps to ease more quickly the usual symptoms such as fatigue, swelling and
cramp. Participants were able to find out about Bauerfeind’s range of compression stock-
ings at the stand of the local Bauerfeind partner.
Compression therapy and sports
th Seminar “Robert Stemmer”
The Gulf of Naples.
Three zones to combat chronical heel and ankle pain
For acute heel pain and talalgia, help is needed fast. The redesigned ViscoSpot
heel cushion quickly reduces pain, provides initial relief and is easy to insert into
a shoe. In comparison with the old version, the new ViscoSpot has three zones
instead of two. They distribute pressure evenly when you take a step and provide
relief for the heel in particular. The silicone pressure relief zones also come in three
different Shore hardnesses. The Shore hardness reduces as the zones get closer to
the center of the heel, meaning that they get softer. The white zone provides tar-
geted cushioning for the heel. The specially shaped blue zone is slightly firmer and
relieves the connection to the plantar fascia. The outer gray zone is the firmest and
provides support for the heel. The wave-shaped interlocking of the zones, inspired
by PowerWave Technology, means that the transitions cannot be felt and the foot
orthosis has a high level of wearing comfort.
The ViscoHeel, ViscoPed and ViscoBalance also have two new features: their colors
have also been adapted and they are being presented in packaging with a new,
fresh design.
The redesigned ViscoSpot heel cushion
The silicone pressure relief zones of the
ViscoSpot heel cushion come in three
different Shore hardnesses.
Many people prefer to use the elevator than take the stairs.
This certainly does not apply to Thomas Dold, a German who
came first in the vertical run up the China World Summit
Wing in August 2013. He managed to climb the 2,041 stairs
in only 9.55 minutes – a whole 36 seconds faster than Piotr
Lobodzinski from Poland who came in second. Clement Du-
mont from France was third with a time of 11.45 minutes.
At a height of 330 meters and with 74 floors, the China
World Summit Wing is still the tallest building in Beijing.
It is a wonderful feeling to stand high above the Olympic
city, completely exhausted and happy,” admits Dold at the
finish line. For his winning run, Thomas Dold wore VenoTrain
sport compression stockings, which have been proven to
stimulate circulation and protect the muscles from micro-
Vertical run in China
Over 2,000 steps to victory
Surrounded by the press: vertical run winner Thomas Dold.