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Pictures: Bauerfeind, ORTHO-TEAM, Run & Fun,, 2013 Vertical Run/China World Summit Wing Hotel
Swiss company ORTHO-TEAM uses Bodytronic 600
Tailor-made care
Bauerfeind’s Bodytronic 600 measurement system is now used
not only in Germany but also in Switzerland. The Swiss ORTHO-
TEAM Group installed six of these measurement systems in one
go at the end of August 2013. Body and volume measurements
for tailor-made care using supports and compression stockings
are now taken digitally at the Bern, Solothurn, Basel, Lucerne,
Zurich and St. Gallen locations. “By using the standardized
digital measurement process of the Bodytronic 600 devices,
we aim to revolutionize treatment with compression stockings
and improve their tired image in the field of medicine and
among the general public,” explains Marc Moser, a member
of the management team. “With this innovative technology,
we can guarantee our customers a precise and comfortable
measurement process, a quick consultation and tailor-made
The Bauerfeind Bodytronic 600 measurement system
was installed in six ORTHO-TEAM stores.
Dirk Treiber is new Chief Commercial Officer, International
Since spring 2013, Dirk Treiber has been the new Chief Commercial Officer, Interna-
tional at Bauerfeind AG. In this role, he is responsible for developing and driving
Bauerfeind´s international business. Within his international responsibility are all of
Bauerfeind international subsidiaries and distributors, managed by International Sales
Dirk Treiber has previously worked in a variety of management roles in several global
pharmaceutical companies and brings more than 20 years of international commercial
experience to Bauerfeind. Most recently he worked at Novartis Global Headquarters
based in Switzerland.
Bauerfeind Executive Board
We would like to support people who want to be physically active
and exercise healthily.” For 20 years, this has been the motto of
Run & Fun, a personal training company based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Cooperation with Run & Fun in Brazil
Reaching your goal quickly and painlessly
Bauerfeind Store São Paulo and Run & Fun are therefore now working
together to enable athletes to achieve their goals even more quickly
without pain or injuries. Run & Fun advises approximately 2,000
runners, cyclists and other athletes and supports them in reach-
ing their goals. The trainers help them using personalized training
plans, individual coaching and group training sessions, among other
techniques. In turn, Bauerfeind employees train the trainers with
lectures on health, nutrition and vein problems in athletes. Bau-
erfeind compression stockings support Run & Fun athletes on long
flights to major marathons in New York, Boston, Amsterdam or Berlin.
VenoTrain sport and VenoTrain micro are also used in training and
competitions to ensure that the athletes can achieve their sporting
goals healthily and safely.
The team of Run & Fun in São Paulo.