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magazine 2013/2
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In this issue of
Bauerfeind life international
I am delighted to introduce to you our new
multi-stage orthoses system, Spinova. This is
made up of four lumbar orthoses that follow
one principle: they provide stability in the
acute phase and increase the patient’s mo-
bility step-by-step as treatment progresses.
Thanks to their construction, which allows
components to be removed, the orthoses can
be adapted to their wearers’ individual needs
to an unprecedented extent. Spinova is suit-
able for both conser-
vative and post-
operative use on the
lower back and covers
a wide variety of
indications. Patients
benefit from materi-
als that are extremely
comfortable to wear
and orthoses that are
particularly easy to
handle. You can find
out more about the development of Spinova,
its areas of use and opinions from practicing
physicians in our Focus section.
We are also dealing with another major
topic in this issue: in the last few weeks
of the year, many people – in the northern
hemisphere at least – start participating in
sporting activities on the snow and ice once
again. Whether they are top athletes who are
competing to win a medal at the 2014 Winter
Olympics in Sochi or amateurs who enjoy
winter sports, the same applies to everyone:
they want to get through the season without
injury or receive the best possible care and
treatment for health
problems. We would
like to contribute
towards this with our
high-quality “Made
in Germany” medical
We have also inves-
tigated a number
of topics of inter-
est from various
countries around the world for you. For
example, we report on treatment methods for
venous diseases in a vein center in the USA
and explain what a ballet barre is doing in a
physician’s office in the Netherlands. Let us
surprise you!
I would now like to wish you a wonderful,
Olympic winter and hope you enjoy reading
Bauerfeind life
With warm regards,
Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind
Dear readers,
Whether they are top athletes
or amateurs, everyone wants to
get through the season without
injury. We would like to con-
tribute towards this with our
high-quality ‘Made in Germany’
medical aids.”