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The Winter Olympic Games have never before
been hosted by a sub-tropical city. Sochi,
situated on the Black Sea coast, on the “Rus-
sian Riviera,” is one of Russia’s most popular
holiday destinations in the summer months.
While tourists stroll under palm trees, snow
lies on the mountains inland until well into
June. This winter, around 6,000 athletes
and team members from 85 nations are
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expected. The competition program for the
Winter Olympics is also more varied than ever
before. 98 events are to be decided across
seven sports or 15 disciplines (ice hockey,
speed skating, short track speed skating, fig-
ure skating, curling, biathlon, cross country
skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined skiing,
alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding,
bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge). 29 of these
events are to take place in the Olympic Park
in Sochi, in the “Coastal Cluster,” while 69
are to take place in the Caucasus Moun-
tains, in the “Mountain Cluster.” The “new-
comers” to the program include the team
figure skating competition and women’s ski
jumping. A total of 1,300 gold, silver, and
bronze medals have been produced for the
Olympic and Paralympic Games.