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magazine 2013/2
Like all medical aids, orthoses are products of their
time. The development of a product usually follows a
step-by-step course to prepare it for series production.
However, with the introduction of its Spinova back
treatment platform to the market, Bauerfeind is effec-
tively taking a quantum leap forward in orthosis deve­
lopment. Four new orthoses, which are being launched
by the company at the same time, are claimed to be
the result of this great advancement. With its state-of-
the-art materials and technologies, as well as various
possibilities for customization, this new generation of
orthoses for the lumbar region guarantees an improve-
ment in spinal therapy. Since it can be used for both
conservative and post-operative treatment, Spinova
covers a wide range of indications.
A platform for
spinal therapy
One in three people in Germany have “back trouble.” It is a perennial issue
and not just in the newspaper headlines. Those who have experienced
this pain themselves sometimes suffer enormously from its negative impact
on their everyday life. 70 percent of the population complain of back
problems at least once a year, and they affect young people as well as old.
Recent figures published by the Helmholtz Center suggest that, in Ger-
many, treatment for back pain and working time lost due to back problems
incur annual costs approaching EUR 50 billion. Back pain is the third most
common cause of early retirement, after mental illness and oncological dis-
eases. As is often the case with cautionary statistics, however, these figures
tend to gloss over individual cases. >>>