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In your experience, what are the benefits of
Bauerfeind products?
Mr. Martínez:
In my clinical experience, I
have come across many different kinds and
brands of orthoses, many of them lacking
the quality, comfort and, in particular, the
functionality that patients need. Given
these practical deficiencies, patients mostly
replace orthoses with compressive, function-
al supports. It is my opinion that Bauerfeind
orthoses meet all the criteria for use by
athletes and soccer players, i.e. functional-
ity, stability and comfort. A high level of
manufacturing quality means these ortho-
ses retain their functionality during every
workout, practice and game, which has given
us some excellent results in preventing and
reducing the frequency of injuries.
Do you believe that Bauerfeind orthoses can
help players in your team?
Mr. Martínez:
No doubt, one of the factors
that has a negative affect on any individual
Football team kinesiologist relies on Bauerfeind
Mauricio Ignacio Martínez,
sports kinesiologist of Chile’s
oldest existing football club.
These orthoses retain
their functionality”
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November 2013
November 19 – 20, 2013
Salon National de l’Orthopédie Orthèse,
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March 2014
March 11 – 15, 2014
AAOS 2014 Annual Meeting, New Orleans,
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April 2014
April 10 – 12, 2014
IOC World Conference on Prevention of
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OTworld, Leipzig, Germany. Further
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th EFORT Congress, London, United
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June 25 – 28, 2014
th Congress of the European Venous
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or team result in sport is injuries. Prevention
using protective orthoses from Bauerfeind is
a big help for all of the players in the team,
who are at risk of injury in each practice or
game they play. An injury not only means
physical damage, but also psychological and
emotional damage for the player and those
close to him. That is why preventing injuries
is invaluable for people working in sports
What sets Bauerfeind products apart?
Mr. Martínez:
Their quality, comfort and
durability. Players spend many hours risking
injury in workouts, practices and games, so
they need a protective device that is durable
and resistant to meet these requirements.
Since February 2013, the Arte Vascular Boutique in Viña del Mar,
Chile, a distributor of Bauerfeind’s products, has been supplying
patients and athletes with supports, orthoses, compression stock-
ings and foot orthoses “Made in Germany.” Its customers also
include members of Chile’s oldest existing football club, the Club de
Deportes Santiago Wanderers S.A.D.P.
life magazine
talked to their
sports kinesiologist, Mauricio Ignacio Martínez.
life magazine 2013/2
Pictures:, UANL, NBA Asia, Johannes Arlt, Club de Deportes Santiago Wanderers S.A.D.P.