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magazine 2012/2
A win for the Bauerfeind team
A new record was set in Vienna
on June 3, 2012: exactly 30,052
participants from 66 countries
lined up at the start of the 25th
Austrian Women’s Run, prepar-
ing to run laps around the Prater
park in Vienna. The Women’s Run
therefore continues to attract more
participants than any other race
of its kind in Europe. Bauerfeind
Austria was represented by various
teams at the event, with physicians,
physiotherapists and employees of
25th Austrian Women’s Run
our various sales partners among
those involved. A total of 35 runners
and walkers entered the race – all
equipped with VenoTrain sports
compression stockings. And the
Bauerfeind sportswomen proved
pretty fast, finishing first in the
5 km run and third over the 10 km
distance, ensuring that two of the
company’s teams claimed a place on
the podium. For more information
on the international race, visit
Members of the Bauerfeind team.
From September 5 to 7, 2012, more than 300 participants from
Latin America, the USA and Europe gathered at the VIII Meeting
of the Latin American Venous Forum (FVL) in Viña del Mar, Chile.
“Our aim for this congress is to provide a training opportunity for
specialists and to encourage the exchange of knowledge regarding
the treatment of venous and lymphatic diseases. This will provide
specialists with effective ‘working tools’ that they can use for the
benefit of their patients,” explained vascular surgeon Dr. Alvaro
Orrego, President of the VIII FVL Meeting. Bauerfeind, one of the
three diamond sponsors of the event, had its own exhibition stand,
where it not only presented its range of compression stockings, but
also carried out live measurements using Bodytronic 300 (Image
3D) with the help of its local partner Artevascular. For further
information please visit
Intensive scientific exchange
VIII Meeting of the FVL
Bauerfeind was present at the VIII FVL Meeting with its
own exhibition stand.
GenuTrain P3 with individually adjustable corrective strap
The GenuTrain P3 knee support has been
revised and is now available with an
individually adjustable corrective strap.
Together with the two integral pads, the
corrective strap holds the kneecap in a
central position and protects it against
lateral drifting to the outside. The new
strap enables you to better adjust the
support to your kneecap’s individual
size. Its corrective tensile force can thus
be matched to the indication in question
and the loading situation. This pro-
vides optimal relief for the kneecap and
guides it securely during movement.
GenuTrain P3