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magazine 2012/2
Pictures: Bauerfeind, Carlos Senkyr
“Motion Laboratory” in Moscow
Ulf Harzmann, International
Sales Manager Bauerfeind AG,
together with Sergey Shaitov,
CEO of Nikamed, and Member
of the Executive Board Thomas
Bauerfeind (left to right) cut
the ribbon to mark the opening
of the store.
“Dobry vecher” was the Russian greeting used by Thomas Bauerfeind,
Member of the Bauerfeind Executive Board, as he welcomed the 40
or more guests invited to the grand opening of the new Bauerfeind
store in Moscow. The company’s first retail outlet in Russia was of-
ficially opened on April 12, 2012, under the name “Motion Labora-
tory”, and with a distinctive store format that is regarded as an inno-
vative feature in the Russian retail industry. With the opening of the
Moscow store, Bauerfeind is extending its sales network in Eastern
Europe. The “Motion Laboratory” is located right on the popular
“Prospekt Mira” shopping street and offers customers in Russia’s
capital city a new kind of retail concept. Athletes and patients can
come to the store, which covers 120 square meters, to receive advice
on how medical aids from Bauerfeind can be used in the prevention,
First Bauerfeind store opened in Russia
treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.There is huge demand in
Russia for high-quality medical products, which is why Bauerfeind,
as a leading manufacturer of medical aids, started working with
Nikamed back in January 2011. Nikamed, which acts as an exclusive
sales partner, is the leading company in the Russian orthopedics
market and, just like Bauerfeind, it sets great store by the outstand-
ing quality of the products it offers. Russian customers demand
exceptional quality too – especially since, with no reimbursement
system in Russia, they have to pay for the full costs of their medical
aids themselves.
Bauerfeind AG is already planning to set up more stores in Russia:
additional outlets with exclusive sales partners are due to open in
Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2013.
London 2012 proved to be a successful premiere: for the first time in history,
the Olympic and Paralympic Games were planned and supervised by a single
organizing committee. Both events met with a positive response all over the
world. Bauerfeind AG from Zeulenroda, Germany, was in London for the Games
as an exclusive supplier in the “Braces” category (supports and orthoses).
Products provided by the Thuringian medical aid manufacturer were used on
more than 700 occasions throughout the Olympics (see page 18). Bauerfeind’s
supplier contract with the London 2012 organizing committee (LOCOG) also
applied to the Paralympic Games, where Bauerfeind provided on-site medical
support for the 4,400 or so Paralympic athletes from 164 countries taking
part. From August 29 to September 9, a team of six Bauerfeind employees from
the United Kingdom and Germany worked in shifts at the polyclinic in the
main Olympic Village in Stratford. Bauerfeind supports for elbows and wrists,
as well as supports for the back and knees, were in particularly high demand.
The Bauerfeind team was called upon to provide aid almost 350 times during
the Paralympics. For more information, see
London 2012
A resounding international success
Fascinating the world: the London Olympic Summer Games 2012.
Bauerfeind provided supports at the Olympics and, for the first
time, at the Paralympic Games with its own team of orthotists.