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The ALA (Australasian Lymphology Association) is the peak professional body promoting best
practice in the management, research and education of lymphoedema and works towards
increasing public awareness of the condition throughout Australia and New Zealand.
“Treatment from an early stage
is essential”
Lymphedema treatment in Australia
“Australia is a very large country geographi-
cally, with only 22 million people, and the
healthcare system is governed individually
by each of the seven states and territories.
There are differences for people accessing
lymphedema treatment and financial support
in each state,” explains Penelope Sanderson,
who has served as President of the associa-
tion over the past two years.
The ALA was established in 2000, after a
thorough preparation phase, to ensure that
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lymphology gains the important status it de-
serves and the recognition it requires across
Australia. Bauerfeind supports the work of
the ALA as a Corporate Member..
Extensive campaigning
As the leading association of all profes-
sionals involved in the field of lymphology
throughout Australia and New Zealand, the
ALA is working toward a number of initia-
tives designed to boost training, manage-
ment and research in this area. Two years
ago, for example, the ALA introduced the
National Lymphoedema Practitioners Reg-
ister (NLPR), a publicly accessible website
register of lymphedema practitioners who
have been accredited in accordance with
the requirements of the ALA. “This is an
important step toward building a network
of therapists,” Penelope Sanderson is keen
to stress, “which enables both patients and
healthcare professionals to get in touch with
Penelope Sanderson, Manager of the Mercy Health Lymphoedema Clinic in Melbourne, Victoria, with one of her young patients.