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the post-operative period. Further, the range
of motion of the brace can be adapted to
the patient’s needs and requirements. These
qualities ensure a high patient compliance
rate over the course of treatment.
Most hip braces on the market are used for an
average of 10 days. How long do your patients
wear the SofTec Coxa for?
Dr. Stubbs:
The majority of our patients use
the brace for six weeks. We encourage patients
to use it whenever they find it appropriate as
they return to their favorite activities.
Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Allston Stubbs explains to his patient how to use the SofTec Coxa.
Where do you see the future of arthroscopic
hip treatment, and where do you see the role
of active orthoses such as the SofTec Coxa in
the future?
Dr. Stubbs:
Arthroscopic hip treatment
continues to evolve as one treatment option
for patients with hip pain. Orthoses such
as the SofTec Coxa will continue to evolve
with the advent of new techniques and
procedures. The SofTec Coxa is a valuable
addition to our patient treatment program,
and we’re excited to use it. Our patients are
very pleased as well.
* The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic
Surgeons, June 2012, Volume 6, Number 6.