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magazine 2012/2
On September 7, 2012, Bauerfeind Benelux welcomed guests to a symposium and
gala evening to celebrate a very special occasion: the company’s 25th – or “silver” –
anniversary. Guests came from all over the world to attend the event in Haarlem.
On the way to gold
25 years of Bauerfeind Benelux
After the Austrian, US, Swiss and French
companies, Benelux was the fifth subsidiary
established abroad by Bauerfeind AG in the
1980s. When Bram Dieleman took over the
management of the company on August
1, 1987, there were just five Bauerfeind
orthopedic products and one variety of com-
pression stockings available in the Benelux
region. Now the entire product range is on
offer and the company is leading the ortho-
pedics and phlebology market in Benelux.
Manager, motivator and initiator
Bram Dieleman leads the 35-strong team
of employees at Bauerfeind Benelux with
plenty of dedication and commitment.
“He is a manager, motivator and initia-
tor all rolled into one,” said Prof. Hans B.
Bauerfeind, full of praise in his speech at
the event. He also reflected on the rapid
growth enjoyed by Bauerfeind Benelux,
which has led to a few relocations over the
past 25 years! The subsidiary was initially
based in Tegelen, near Venlo, before set-
ting up office in Haarlem. By 1993, these
premises once again proved too cramped, so
Bauerfeind constructed its very own, larger
building in Holland for the first time. “It
was very daunting, as in 1994 – soon after
we moved in – the reimbursement for the
GenuTrain knee support was abolished,”
recalls Prof. Bauerfeind, “Yet in spite of the
difficult market conditions, the company
was still able to pay the mortgage and
Bauerfeind Benelux continued to grow.”
The company had grown out of its premises
again by 2003, so it moved into its current
offices located just 400 meters away.
Reliable partner
An enthusiastic skater, cyclist, skier and
golfer, Bram Dieleman likes to draw com-
parisons between the company and elite
athletes: they are always trying to raise the
bar a little higher. But they can’t do this
alone. Success always depends on having
support, a good team and reliable partners.
To thank its partners, in particular, for their
good cooperation, Bauerfeind Benelux in-
vited them to a symposium entitled “On the
way to gold” on September 7. The theme of
the event was the future of healthcare and
medical supply. The guest speakers included
Prof. C. Niek van Dijk (AMC Amsterdam),
Prof. H. A. Martino Neumann (Erasmus
Medical Center, Rotterdam), Johan de Wit
(CVZ), Prof. Dr. Jan Willem Velthuijsen
(PriceWaterhouseCoopers), Jan Schutrups
(Schutrups, Exloo) and Prof. Hans B.
Bauerfeind. The audience came from all
over the world to gather in Haarlem, where
they enjoyed the sincere Dutch hospital-
ity and the glamorous atmosphere of the
event, which was held in a large marquee.
The anniversary celebrations finished on
a successful note, with music, acrobatic
performances and plenty of interesting
Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind (left) came to celebrate the 25th anniversary with Bram Dieleman.
Welcoming the guests of the jubilee.
The Bauerfeind office in Haarlem.
A chance to mingle after the symposium.
Sparkling atmosphere at the gala evening.