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magazine 2012/2
It was the event of the summer: the Olympic Games in London. With its very own team of
orthotists, Bauerfeind AG was on hand to provide medical care for all 10,500 athletes from
204 nations competing at the Games. Its supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings
and orthopedic orthoses came to the aid of athletes on more than 700 occasions.
Making a strong impression
Summer Olympic Games London 2012
These are moments we will never forget: the
stunning success of Usain Bolt, the jubilation
in the Olympic stadium as heptathlete Jessica
“To be able to win a medal
at the Olympic Games,
everything has to be just
right – including the
medical care. Bauerfeind
provided me with very
reliable support.”
“There were so many
incredibly gratifying
moments. When athletes
came back, for example,
to tell us that a product
had worked and helped
them to get back up
and running. It’s a
great feeling to get
such positive feedback
from the athletes. We
didn’t have a single
Stratford. With two orthotists on duty per day,
the Bauerfeind team was on hand from 7.00
am to 11.00 pm. The polyclinic was open to
all 16,000 or so people staying in the Olympic
Village in Stratford, with athletes from all over
the world coming along every day in search
of medical advice. Some of them also needed
Bauerfeind products, either because they
had injured themselves, an old problem had
flared up again or they were showing various
signs of overstraining. A variety of supports
and orthoses from the Bauerfeind product
range for the feet, knees, hips, spinal column,
shoulders, hands, and elbows were supplied
for this purpose, as well as medical compres-
sion stockings and orthopedic orthoses.
Bauerfeind: an “exclusive supplier”
For this year’s summer games, the London
Organising Committee of the Olympic
Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)
invited tenders in a number of different
“I was impressed by the
team spirit and the
positive atmosphere
in the polyclinic. The
athletes and staff at
the polyclinic were very
enthusiastic about
our services and our
fantastic products. It
was an honor to be part
of it all!”
categories. Bauerfeind participated in the
tendering process for the “braces” category,
along with 15 other companies from
around the world. “We were delighted to be
awarded the contract,” said Chief Executive
Officer Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind, “The
decisive factor that set Bauerfeind’s >>>
Dirk Schwager,
orthotist (CPO),
Bauerfeind Germany.
Linda Stahl,
javelin thrower,
bronze medal at
London 2012.
Hemke van
der Zwaag,
orthotist (CPO),
Bauerfeind Benelux.
Ennis completed her lap of honor, or the
thrilling final of the men’s beach volleyball
competition. The athletes in London were
provided with the best conditions to deliver
top sporting performance – including a so-
phisticated medical care system. Bauerfeind
was involved in the Games once again in 2012
as a partner of the Olympic organizing com-
mittee: the company supplied products to the
three polyclinics in Stratford (main Olympic
Village), Eton Dorney (Olympic Village for the
rowing and canoeing events) and Weymouth
Portland (Olympic Village for the sailing com-
petitions), as well as to all 35 event venues.
From July 16 to August 12, a total of eight
Bauerfeind employees from the UK, Germany
and the Netherlands worked in shifts at the
polyclinic in the main Olympic Village in