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Expo-Village near the Eiffel Tower
The “Garmin Triathlon de Paris” took place in the French capital on
July 7 and 8, 2012. Over 4,500 athletes competed against one anoth-
er in the swimming, cycling and running disciplines. First of all, the
triathletes took part in a qualifying competition for the French “D1”
club championships on July 7. As the “Garmin Triathlon de Paris” is
designed as a public event rather than as a contest exclusively for
elite athletes, even amateur triathletes had the chance to join in the
1,500-meter swim, 40-kilometer cycle ride and 10-kilometer run on
July 8. Bauerfeind was also present at this great event, setting up
its own exhibition stand by the Eiffel Tower. The Bauerfeind team
was supported by its partner “A.C.O.M.M santé”, which supplies
Bauerfeind products in the Paris region. Many interested competi-
tors and spectators took advantage of the opportunity to seek
advice from the team at the stand about products such as the
GenuTrain knee support, the LordoLoc stabilizing orthosis for the
lumbar spine or the VenoTrain sport compression stockings.
Triathlon de Paris
The Bauerfeind exhibition stand was near the Eiffel Tower. The stand team advised participants and visitors with great dedication.
The foot orthosis can easily be adapted to fit any heel gradient.
The X factor
ErgoPad weightflex
Bauerfeind has developed a new injection molding system
for manufacturing synthetic foot orthoses by combining two
types of plastic in a single orthotic core. With three different
degrees of firmness, the asymmetric “weightflex-X” in the core
supports the wearer with a variable supporting force depend-
ing on the individual condition of the foot, therapeutic goals
and body weight. Thanks to their flexibility in the forefoot
and heel areas, the foot orthoses can easily be worn in shoes
with higher heels.
ErgoPad weightflex, the new orthopedic foot orthosis from
Bauerfeind, is based on the spiral-dynamic principle of
natural movement. The “weightflex-X” integrated into the
orthotic core directs forces from the outside inward via two
pivot points, thus supporting the torsional ability of the feet
and optimizing the wearer’s gait pattern. Side pieces facing
each other act as countersupports. Moderate longitudinal
and transversal arch supports raise and stabilize the feet and
reduce non-physiological loads.