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magazine 2014/1
Modern support stockings for preventive care
High quality, an attractive look and maximum comfort – these characteristics are synony-
mous with the VenoTrain brand and its range of medical compression stockings. With the
new “VenoTrain act” line, this range now also includes over-the-counter support stock-
ings for preventive care. Customers can choose between three different material quali-
ties. Designed for health-conscious women, the “Sheer elegance” version is available as
knee-high or thigh-high stockings or as pantyhose, with a fashionable 70 or 140 denier
sheer finish and in seven sophisticated colors. The “Cotton active” version is a classic
unisex knee-high stocking with a high cotton content and a distinctive ribbed look. This
denier stocking offers excellent support. The third version, “Microfiber active,” con-
tains a high proportion of microfibers. This attractive knee-high stocking, which is suit-
able for both men and women, offers a comfort feature that is also characteristic of many
other VenoTrain products: even with its highly supportive 280 denier design, the stocking
is exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin. In warmer weather, the breathable material
feels pleasantly light and soothing.Recommended for people whose work involves spend-
ing time on their feet or long journeys, VenoTrain act is presented by medical retailers as
an attractive lifestyle product with modern, fresh-looking packaging.
VenoTrain act
For increased flexibility when gripping, the position of the
ManuTrain’s seam has been changed. The wrist support’s joining
seam is now on the bottom at the side and runs toward the ulna,
along the volar hand splint. This means that the knitted fabric
adapts more easily to the space between the thumb and the
index finger, and the sensitive area is protected from irritation
during gripping movements. The new seam position allows
more freedom of movement and therefore more dexterity in
everyday life. This makes the support more convenient to wear
on a daily basis, which is a definite comfort in the treatment of
osteoarthritis and irritation, and following injuries, because the
ManuTrain’s circular compression stabilizes the painful wrist and
protects it from overloading.
Wrist support now features new seam position
Feel the difference
The VenoTrain business knee-high stocking is now available in two ver-
sions, Men and Women, with different foot lengths. The compression stock-
ing with a classic ribbed look complements an understated business look
perfectly and provides functional comfort throughout your working day. It
stimulates the circulation, supporting you through long days. The stock-
ing is comfortable to wear and keeps your feet fresh with its antimicrobial
sole. Previously used primarily as a men’s or unisex stocking, the fit now
also takes the small difference between the genders into account: the Men
version is designed for shoe sizes from 41 to 49, while the Women version,
with a shorter foot, is recommended for shoe sizes from 36 to 41. The two
versions are distinguished by the packaging design with a masculine or
feminine product image, the packaging label, and the sewn-in label on the
stocking itself.
VenoTrain business Men and Women
VenoTrain business in different foot lengths
for men and women.
ManuTrain: more comfort with every movement of the hand.