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magazine 2014/1
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First International Sports Medicine Conference
The first International Sports Medicine Congress hosted by
Bauerfeind AG between February 7 and 11 lived up to its name:
more than 160 delegates from ten nations came together in
Istanbul and made the most of their proximity to Sochi by
paying a visit to the Winter Olympic Games.
Professional diversity
The main focus of the scientific program was on the back and knee. A lively debate
ensued on a number of topics, including the issue of indications for the surgical treat-
ment of degenerative spine conditions – with regard to both the timing, and the nature
and extent of the surgery. Some consensus could be formed on the issue of timing at
least. Nevertheless, the “right” time to operate is dependent on many factors (includ-
ing the duration of the symptoms, accompanying diseases, the scope and success of
the conservative treatment) and can often not be determined with absolute certainty.
While some physicians were visiting a hospital in Istanbul, the majority of the Congress
delegates travelled to Sochi. They soaked up some of the Olympic atmosphere at an ice
hockey match and luge race.
The congress in Istanbul offered the opportunity for some lively debate.