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International scientists honored
Commitment to research and development has always been very important at
Bauerfeind AG. Two awards in the field of phlebology funded by Bauerfeind went
to France and England in 2013.
Since 1969, the Ratschow Memorial Medal
has been awarded annually by the Curato-
rium Angiologiae Internationalis to particu-
larly deserving scientists from the field of
vascular medicine and related disciplines.
Bauerfeind has been a patron of the founda-
tion awarding this medal for a number of
Lifetime achievement award
In 2013, the prestigious lifetime achieve-
ment award went to vascular surgeon
Dr. ­Michel R. Perrin. The 81-year-old French
physician with an extensive list of publi-
cations to his name has held prominent
positions including President of the French
Society of Phlebology and Vice President
of the International Union of Phlebology
IUP). He worked as a vascular surgeon in
Lyon, both in hospitals and practices, and
taught as a Professor at Grenoble University
A lot has happened in the field of vascular
surgery over the past few decades,” says the
Ratschow Medal winner. “For example, when
I was still a young surgeon, deep venous
surgery was taboo.” He sees determining the
effectiveness of the various treatment meth-
ods and preventing chronic venous insuf-
ficiency using conservative or interventional
treatment as some of the most urgent tasks
for the discipline of phlebology.
Seventh Bauerfeind Phlebology Award
Since 2001, Bauerfeind AG has been confer-
ring the Bauerfeind Phlebology Award, which
comes with prize money of EUR 20,000, in as-
sociation with the IUP. The aim of the prize
is to honor an exceptionally interesting and
creative study design in the field of phlebol-
ogy that has a connection to compression
treatment. British physician Dr. Christopher
R. Lattimer, currently working at Ealing
Hospital in Wallington, received the award
during the IUP World Congress in fall 2013 in
Boston. He impressed the international judg-
ing panel of seven members with his study
design on the effectiveness of different com-
pression stockings in patients with chronic
venous insufficiency, post-thrombotic
syndrome, and lymphedema, and in healthy
test subjects.
In his current research project, Dr. Lattimer
is primarily interested in finding out which
of the four patient groups receives the
most benefit from class 1 and 2 compres-
sion stockings in terms of venous drainage
Bauerfeind’s support for research
For further information
on the Bauerfeind awards for scientific achievement, visit
The closing date for applications for the
th Bauerfeind Phlebol-
ogy Award
May 31, 2015
The award will be conferred at the
chapter meeting of the IUP in August 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.
Conferment of the 2013 Max Ratschow Memorial Medal: Winner Dr. Michel
R. Perrin (middle), Prof. Eberhard Rabe (left), President of the Curatorium
Angiologiae Internationalis and Dr. Hans-Jürgen Thomä, Bauerfeind.
Award ceremony during the IUP World Congress in Boston: Dr. Christopher
Lattimer (right), winner of the 2013 Bauerfeind Phlebology Award, and
Dr. Hans-Jürgen Thomä, Bauerfeind.