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magazine 2014/1
These days, no specialist orthopedic supplier
can get by without reliable measurement
and production technology. “To further
improve our ability to give advice and to
stand out from the competition, we decided
to install Bauerfeind’s Bodytronic 600
measurement system,” explains Marc Moser,
a member of ORTHO-TEAM’s management.
The modern measurement technology fits
into our concept perfectly. We want to use
it to sharpen our profile further still and in-
crease customers’ faith in their treatment.”
Circumference, length, and volume measure-
ments for the appropriate tailor-made care
using supports and compression stockings
are therefore now taken digitally at the
Bern, Solothurn, Basel, Lucerne, Zurich, and
St. Gallen sites.
Innovative projection of beams of light
Bodytronic 600 can measure the legs up to
the hips. This makes it possible to select
perfectly fitting compression stockings from
the entire VenoTrain range or Train sup-
ports to treat the knee and ankle. To take
measurements, the system projects beams
of light, a process that has been used in the
automotive industry for many years. This
process cannot be disrupted by external
factors and is completely safe for humans
because it uses normal, visible light.
Precise 3D image
To generate the 3D model, the measure-
ment system projects beams of light onto
the body part to be measured and captures
them digitally. The system quickly gene­
rates a perfect 3D model with the length and
circumference measurements of the body
part to be treated – without touching the
patient at all and without any need for mea-
surement clothing. During the measurement
process, the patient stands on a measure-
ment platform that revolves automatically.
In Switzerland, the ORTHO-TEAM Group is a market leader in the supply of orthopedic and
phlebological aids. It is no surprise that the company is also setting new standards with
modern measurement technology. Since last year, Bauerfeind’s Bodytronic 600 has been in
use at six sites in all the major cities of German-speaking Switzerland.
The system helps us stand out
on the market”
Bodytronic 600 measurement system