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magazine 2014/1
Physiotherapist Per Gade, CEO of “Arkadens Fysioterapi” and of FysioDanmark.
Even ultrasonic devices are used.
In Denmark, many physiotherapists are discovering a new strength: their ability to
sell products! In addition to carrying out their usual work, they provide patients with
information about medical aids such as supports and foot orthoses. This completes
the treatment and improves the quality of their work.
A one-stop shop for quality
Confirmation of this comes at the end of the
visit. On the way to Aalborg Airport, the taxi
driver begins talking about his wife’s medi-
cal care. The physician advised her to go to
Arkadens Fysioterapi” for treatment on her
knee. It is not unusual for family physicians
in Denmark to make recommendations, since
they play a guiding role within the country’s
healthcare system. However, recommending
a physiotherapy clinic for treatment rather
than follow-up treatment is by no means a
regular occurrence. Although Danish phys-
iotherapists enjoy an excellent reputation,
advising a patient to consult them instead
of a specialist colleague suggests that the
physician holds “Arkadens Fysioterapi” in
unusually high esteem. Three hours earlier,
the taxi’s passenger had been able to see
the physiotherapy clinic in Denmark’s fourth
largest city for himself.
packaging takes up most of a whole side of
the room: a wide variety of products in all
sizes, from the SacroLoc to the LumboTrain
and MalleoLoc, the entire GenuTrain range
to the VenoTrain compression stockings and
foot orthoses – everything is there. “We
have you to thank for this,” says Per and
turns to Agneta Cabréus, CEO of Bauer-
feind Nordic and Frank Bærentsen, Sales
Manager for Denmark. The storeroom is
a well-chosen meeting place for the trio.
In addition to its practical significance,
it is definitely symbolic. It represents the
collaboration between Bauerfeind Nordic
and FysioDanmark, the country’s largest
chain of physiotherapy clinics. “Arkadens
Fysioterapi” is one of them. “Our collabora-
tion began in 2011,” explains Agneta. “We
wanted patients to benefit from the work
of both of our companies here on site. The
In the long, wide corridor, there is an atmo-
sphere of calm activity. The employees wear
blue T-shirts with “Arkadens Fysioterapi”
on the back. “A total of 27 physiotherapists
work for us, including our colleagues in the
smaller branches on the edge of Aalborg,”
says Per Gade, CEO of “Arkadens Fysioterapi”
and a physiotherapist himself. “Our teams
are divided up. We have specialists for each
part of the body,” explains the young CEO.
After Per, a former professional footballer,
has finished conducting his tour through
the large treatment rooms and communal
areas that are flooded with light, he stops
in front of a small door. “Behind this door,”
says Per, lowering his voice and opening the
door, “something special is hidden.”
The medium-sized, dark room is packed full of
shelves. Physiotherapeutic and medical aids
are piled up to the ceiling. Blue and white