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magazine 2013/1
Insecurity in the ankle can soon spoil the fun of running. The
new Compression Sock Training has a noticeable stabilizing
effect on the ankle joint during light endurance training. To
do this, the stocking uses the same active principle of a tape
bandage. It is designed in a “figure of eight” formation, with
a “ta­ping zone” wrapped around the instep and heel. The
strengthened knit gives the ankle joint more stability, supports
the ligaments and improves coordination. In the calf area, the
muscle toning zone” exerts gentle compression to reduce tiring
muscle vibrations. The light, even pressure from the outside im­
proves circulation in the tissue. The training stocking is made of
high-quality breathable material, which draws out moisture and
guarantees comfortable foot conditions. Integrated cushion­
ing in the toe, forefoot and heel areas absorb impact, while also
protecting the feet from irritating rubbing and blistering. The
stocking is available in four different color combinations. For
more information, see
Compression Sock Training
Stability for the ankle during running
Bauerfeind Stores in Taiwan
East meets West
Bauerfeind continues to expand its international sales network:
in February 2012, the medical retailer WellCare Health Care
Supply opened the first Bauerfeind concept store in Kaohsiung,
the second biggest city in Taiwan. The Store is situated in a
big shopping mall, SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI Kaohsiung Zuoying,
and offers its clients medical aids from all product divisions. A
second store opened in spring 2013 in the city of Tao Yuan.
The Taiwanese appreciate the high quality of the products which
Bauerfeind has been developing for more than 80 years. The
Bauerfeind commitment to sports and the growing number of
international design awards for Bauerfeind products contribute
to the good image of the brand.
Sales partner in Russia
Exciting times at Nikamed in Moscow: from over 3,000 candidates, Bauerfeind’s
exclusive sales partner in Russia has been named start-up of the year for 2012.
Nikamed won over the judges from Russia’s biggest business magazine with its
Bauerfeind store, which opened in Moscow in April 2012. It features a “Motion
Laboratory” tailored specifically to athletes’ requirements. The “Motion Laboratory” is
located right on the popular “Prospekt Mira” shopping street. Customers are greeted
by products displayed over 120 square meters that help to prevent sports injuries and
provide support in the event of injury and during rehabilitation. The range includes
Bauerfeind’s supports and orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic
foot orthoses. Analysis and measurement devices are also available.
Nikamed named “Start-up of the Year”
Award ceremony held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow: Sergey Shaitov, Anna Fedosova
and Igor Burchakov (from left to right) accepted the award on behalf of Nikamed.
Bauerfeind Store in SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI Kaohsiung Zuoying.
The Compression Sock Training is available in four attractive color combinations:
Coal/Rivera,” “Silver/Rivera,” “Coal/Polar,” and “Silver/Polar.”