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Bauerfeind Competence Center in Lublin
Under the watchful gaze of the local media, Ultra-Med sp. z o.o. opened a Bauerfeind Competence
Center in Galeria Zone, a shopping mall in Lublin, Poland, in January. Medical aids from all product
divisions are sold in this store which covers an area of over 100 square meters. To ensure products
fit perfectly, the sales personnel use a range of Bauerfeind measurement systems. What’s more,
the Competence Center is also able to modify individual foot orthoses – a grinding machine has
also been installed. Even if the level of reimbursement for patients in Poland is low, the self-
consciousness of the people is rising, and customers are looking for premium quality.
Eastern Europe
A popular interviewee at the opening: Mariusz Długosz, President of Ultra-Med.
No one can really remember which member of Mexico’s Cannibal
triathlon team was the first to become a MalleoTrain fan. One of
the athletes was given the ankle support and soon convinced his
teammates of the benefits of MalleoTrain. Take, for example, Gerardo
Franco, who first used the active support after injuring his ankle two
years ago. “It made the rehabilitation process much faster,” he says.
The support provided stability and helped reduce pain. I just feel
much more secure when I wear it while I’m training.” Javier Rosas is
another member of the Cannibal team who relies on the ankle sup­
port. The image here shows him at the finish line of the 2012 Iron­
man competition in Hawaii. “I am convinced that I would not have
been able to prepare for my dream event without this ankle support
from Bauerfeind,” he insists. “The advice and support I received from
Ortoprotec (Bauerfeind’s local partner) was also fantastic.” In any
case, the MalleoTrain will help take Team Cannibal into the future.
Cannibal triathlon team, Mexico
Real MalleoTrain fans
The foot orthosis for every shoe
ErgoPad weightflex 2
The effective orthopedic ErgoPad weightflex 2 foot orthosis is particularly
flat and flexible, requires little preparatory work and is ideal for patients who
change their shoes regularly. As was the case with the first generation of
weightflex products, the centerpiece of the new foot orthosis is the synthetic
core with variable support. Depending on the individual foot conditions, the
therapeutic goal and body weight, it supports the feet with the flexibility levels
of soft, medium or strong. The new generation of weightflex products features
a core coated with high-quality polyurethane. The partial foam covering, based
on a unique technology for which a patent application has been filed, ensures
that the core remains visible and gives a contour on the foot and the shoe side
that requires very little preparatory work. The polyurethane foam coating has
long-lasting cushioning properties despite its reduced construction height
and it cushions sensitive areas of the foot. Slight sensorimotor spots in the PU
surface gently stimulate the musculature. This stabilizes the hindfoot and sup­
ports the transverse arch. The core’s integrated hinges in the forefoot and heel
area allow the foot orthoses to adapt to different heel heights.
The internal “weightflex-X” of-
fers variable support according
to individual foot conditions,
therapeutic goals and body
Javier Rosas at the finish line of the 2012 Ironman in Hawaii.
Pictures: Bauerfeind, Marathon picture: Image courtesy