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magazine 2013/1
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The skeleton of an adult human comprises
about 206 bones, with 26 in the foot alone.
Together with various joints, muscles,
tendons and ligaments, they form a real and
complete work of art in our feet.
Whether running, jumping, balancing, danc­
ing, or even just standing and walking, we
demand top performance from our feet on
a daily basis, yet give them little attention
in return – at least until they start to cause
problems. This is why our cover story shines
the spotlight on
injuries and overload­
ing of the foot. In our
feature article, you
will be introduced to
Associate Professor
Dr. Martin Engelhardt,
Germany, and Prof.
Victor Valderrabano,
Switzerland, two medi­
cal experts who are very well versed in foot
problems and how to treat them. Find out
more on page 12.
In this issue of the
Bauerfeind life magazine
we present the newly revised GenuTrain P3
page 24 f.). P3 stands for “permanent
patella protection,” as the support protects
the kneecap during every movement. This is
ensured, for example, by two incorporated
pads and an individually adjustable correct­
ive strap.
Our products help physicians and therapists
to make sure that their treatment is success­
ful and to support and possibly even acceler­
ate the recovery process, thereby enhancing
the patient’s quality of life. In this issue,
you can read more about the very differ­
ent examples of how Bauerfeind products
are used across the
world. Dutch back
specialist Dr. Menno
Iprenburg uses the
LumboLoc Forte back
orthosis as a means
of stabilization after
carrying out inter­
vertebral disk surgery
see page 20). At the
Shepherd Center in Atlanta, one of America’s
leading rehabilitation clinics, patients with
incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries benefit from
using the MalleoLoc ankle orthosis. Find out
more on page 28.
Spectators at a fast-paced game can easily
vouch for the fact that basketball is an
extremely demanding sport that causes
many injuries.
life magazine
offers you an
insight into the work of Wally Blase, athletic
coach of the Atlanta Hawks. He relies on the
GenuTrain knee support for the prevention
and rehabilitation of knee injuries.
And would you believe that the LumboTrain
back support is used in water sports? Brazil­
ian athletes value its stabilizing effect
when windsurfing and stand up paddling, a
sport that is currently gaining in popularity
page 6 f. & 27). Happy reading!
With warm regards,
Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind
Dear readers,
Our products help physicians
and therapists to make sure that
their treatment is successful and
to support and possibly even
accelerate the recovery process.”