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Whether it is windsurfing or stand up paddle surfing, many watersports put a lot of strain on
the back. Some top Brazilian athletes are therefore using an active support to provide relief.
Relief for the back
Unusual use of the LumboTrain
remain one of the world’s top windsurfers.”
He has worn the LumboTrain active support
for two years to support his back. He does
not wear it during competitions, but likes to
wear it afterward as well as frequently during
his everyday life. “When I’m wearing it my
back feels stronger, I have better posture
and the pain is reduced,” said the athlete.
He also passed on this experience to his best
friend Fernando.
LumboTrain – a good tip!”
Fernando Samara Pasqualin (photo on page 5)
took up windsurfing in 1994, when he was
seven years old; seven years later he won the
Junior South American Championship. He
also trains five times a week. “As most of the
board sports do, windsurfing certainly exposes
your body to injuries due to constant back
torsion and impact. After windsurfing, I often
have severe back pain and was pleased to
receive the tip about the back support.” He
has been wearing the LumboTrain for a year,
mainly for preventative purposes and after a
The Brazilian coast offers numerous hot
spots for windsurfers. It is no wonder that a
country that has optimum geographic condi­
tions, plenty of enthusiasm for sport and
exercise, speed and beauty also produces
many windsurfers who have achieved world­
wide success. One of these is Ricardo Bimba
Santos, twice Youth World Windsurfing Cham­
pion, World Champion in 2007 and winner of
the Jaguar NeilPryde Racing Series in 2012.
My greatest ambition is to win a medal
at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016,” he
revealed. The Brazilian windsurfs five times
each week, as well as doing fitness training
and aerobics twice a week and pilates once
a week.
Better posture, less pain
Windsurfing is a sport that places heavy
demands on your back, especially the lum­
bar spine,” says Ricardo Bimba Santos. “I
have always had back problems, especially
between L4 and L5. However, thanks to
intensive back training, I have managed to
good windsurfing session. “When using the
Lumbo Train I feel comfortable about doing
every move, but most of all, it makes me stand
in the right position and really relaxes my
lower back.“ Top athlete Paulo dos Reis uses
the LumboTrain for stand up paddling (SUP)
as well as windsurfing (see page 6/7). In this
sport, athletes stand on a type of surfboard
and use a single blade paddle to propel
themselves along – a strenuous activity for
the back. The back support gives the winner
of the SUP Summer Opening Race on Sylt in
2012 (
Class 14.0) stability when participating
in this popular sport and a comfortable feel­
ing in the lumbar spine area.
Bauerfeind products are not designed for use in the
swimming pool or in the sea. However, they can be washed in the
washing machine at 30 degrees. Please use a liquid detergent
and remove the pads from the support before washing it.
Paulo dos Reis uses the LumboTrain for stand up
paddling (SUP) as well as windsurfing.
Windsurfer Ricardo Bimba Santos loves to speed.