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magazine 2013/1
supervision of Dr. Bernd Lasarzewski, a study
was to be carried out to determine whether a
new, redesigned knee support could get the
problems of anterior knee pain under control
see also interview on p. 26). Physiothera­
pist Alexander Verdonck was responsible for
the practical execution and evaluation of
every movement. For all-round protec­
tion, various functional elements that are
integrated into the support work together.
A specially shaped pad, together with an
adjustable corrective strap, hold the patella
securely in a centered position and protect
it from lateral drifting. A patella cover also
prevents medial tilting. A second, wedge-
shaped pad on the outer thigh relaxes the
muscles and reduces the outward pull on the
patella. GenuTrain P3’s compressive knit ac­
celerates the reabsorption of edema and effu­
sions. The muscles that stabilize the joint are
activated and the feeling of stability returns.
All these characteristics made Dr. Lasarzewski
and Alexander Verdonck curious even before
the observational study. However, there was
one feature that particularly aroused their
interest: the adjustable corrective strap.
It makes it different from other supports,”
explains physiotherapist Alexander Verdonck.
the observational study. Magdalena Kremer
did not take long to make up her mind. She
participated in the initial test with four­
teen other probands. There were seven men
and eight women alltogether and a total of
eleven probands completed the study. The
age range was 17 to 46 years. The injured leg
was compared with the healthy leg. The tests
were carried out using the new GenuTrain P3
active support by Bauerfeind.
Securing the kneecap
P3 stands for “permanent patella pro­tection”:
the GenuTrain P3 protects the kneecap ­during
The patients have more stability.”
It is difficult to estimate how much the
corrective strap alone contributed to the
success of the observational study, due to
the interplay of all the functional ele­
ments. One thing is certain: all probands
rated the new GenuTrain P3’s stabilizing
and supporting effect on the knee joint
positively. After evaluating relevant knee
scores, a clear improvement in the pa­
tients’ situations could also be objectively
documented. The outcome is clear for
Magdalena Kremer: “I feel almost no pain,”
she says, and her joy is audible. “Being able
to adjust the strap myself also gave me a
great feeling of security.” The orthopedist
Dr. Lasarzewski also has no doubts about
the support. “After an in-depth evalua­
tion of all data, it can be said that there
is a measurable increase in stability for
patients using the GenuTrain P3.”
Optimized fit, effective action: the new GenuTrain P3.
Indications for the
GenuTrain P3
Patellofemoral pain syndrome
chondropathy, chondromalacia)
Patellar tip syndrome (patellar
Lateralization of the patella (dislo­
cation tendency)
High-riding patella (patella alta)
Feeling of instability
Anterior knee pain
After lateral release surgery
Proven quality for
more than 20 years !