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magazine 2013/1
Pictures: Stefan Durstewitz, Bauerfeind
An observational study of the use of the GenuTrain P3
Concentric muscle action
If you want to get the symptoms of anterior knee pain under control, focusing on
the patella is essential. The variety of functional mechanisms in the new, redesigned
GenuTrain P3 active support push the kneecap towards the center – back to its natu­
ral, painless position.
New support for anterior knee pain
Magdalena Kremer could not bear it any
longer. Her consumption of painkillers
increased rapidly. “My physician told me that
my kneecap had moved out of the joint,”
reports Magdalena Kremer. The disability care
worker has suffered from pain since the age
of 18. She cannot think of a particular strain
that could have caused it. The pain came
and went. “In the end, I was considering
surgery,” said the 28-year-old. Until, that is,
her physician told her about an observational
study being organized at the Hellersen Sports
Clinic in Lüdenscheid. Under the medical
The pain was almost unbearable. When going
down stairs, crouching, even when sitting
down. “It was a stabbing pain, directly
behind the kneecap,” says Magdalena Kramer,
describing her suffering. “Patellar chondro­
pathy” – cartilage problems of the patella,
also known as anterior knee pain or patello­
femoral pain syndrome – is more common in
women than in men, especially in teenagers
and young adults.
Potential causes of anterior knee pain are
malfunctions of the muscles and knee joint
ligaments. Thigh muscles that are weakened
on the inside can lead to pain, lateralization
and the dreaded lateral subluxation or even
to luxation of the kneecap. Typical symptoms
of anterior knee pain are pain which occurs
after unusual straining of the knee or after
sitting down with sharply bent knees for long
periods of time. “In winter it even went to
sleep on me sometimes,” describes Magdalena
Kremer. “I would fall down suddenly.” Not a
good situation in her job as a disability care
worker. Her work on the farm at home also
suffered considerably as a result of the pain,
not to mention relaxing in the evenings. Her
knee was almost always swollen. It made no
difference if it was bent or extended.
Physiotherapist Alexander Verdonck during the observational study of the new GenuTrain P3.
Knee pain patient Magdalena Kremer.