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magazine 2013/1
Bauerfeind products in USA are distributed since
by Bauerfeind USA, Inc. to retailers and medi­
cal doctors. The International Sales Manager Ulrich
Reddig in Marietta is the main contact person. “Our
GenuTrain is a true classic that keeps improving:
The latest generation sits firmly on the knee with­
out any compromises. It is highly effective in sen­
sorimotor terms. The Omega pad delivers targeted
pain relief at the patella and front meniscus. These
are the reasons for a daily application of GenuTrain
by so many top athletes in the US professional
sports.” For further Information please contact
Bauerfeind USA
address, page 35).
Further information
Ulrich Reddig, Inter-
national Sales Manager,
and ankle sprains. Wally Blase refers to
these types of injuries as “chronic overuse”
injuries, and uses Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain
knee support as prehab, to prevent patellar
injuries, and rehab, to treat patellar injuries.
He said the product is cropping up in a
majority of the other teams as well. “The
technology and material give the athlete
the right amount of compression, stability
and strength. The brace lasts longer and is
more comfortable than others on the market,
and the players say it relieves their symp­
toms when they are playing,” he said.
It’s an incredible job”
Aside from working with the players, Blase’s
involvement with his professional organiz­
ation is something he cherishes as well.
He calls the NBA athletic trainers “incred­
ible,” and is very proud of their charitable
found­ation and scholarships, a philanthropic
endeavor that often goes unnoticed.
Wally Blase loves his association with the
NBA and the Hawks in particular and plans
to stay with the franchise for a very long
Wally Blase uses Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain knee support as prehab, to prevent patellar injuries, and rehab, to treat patellar injuries.
time. In fact, he hopes to cap off his career
by someday moving up into management.
For now, however, he’s most content to work
with players he considers to be “the best
athletes in the world.”
It’s an incredible job and I love the cama­
raderie of the team,” he said. “Being able
to help the players perform at their highest
level is very rewarding; it’s a great chal­
lenge, but also a lot of fun. Of course, I hate
that I have to be away from my family so
much, especially now that I have a child.
I don’t like missing birthdays or events, but
I don’t punch a clock and the job is any­
thing but monotonous.”
The Bauerfeind GenuTrain is the original func-
tional knee support.