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magazine 2013/1
Injuries and overloading of the foot
illusion and
To sprint like Usain Bolt, or play football
like Lionel Messi – these are under-
standable dreams, but they are not with-
out their hazards. After all, the foot, the
essential link in transforming desires
into reality, has its own rules to follow,
and these obey the laws of loading and
loading capacity. Aside from acute inju-
ries, problems with the feet often arise
as a result of inappropriate mechanical
stress or overloading, and diagnosing
these problems requires searching for
clues. One of the common and dreaded
complications is achillodynia. Treating
foot problems, which involves the use
of conservative functional methods,
presents a challenge in general. Associ-
ate Professor Dr. Martin Engelhardt and
Prof. Victor Valderrabano, experts in this
field, demonstrate ways of tackling illu-
sion and distortion.