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Diary Dates
Quality made in Germany is rated highly in Chile. This also applies in the area of medical
aids. Chile’s first Bauerfeind store is now open in Viña del Mar, located in the greater
Valparaíso area. It joins the store in São Paulo as the second retail outlet in Latin America.
The store opened for business in February 2013, with the official opening planned for June
The focus is on high-quality orthopedic and phlebology products. “The economic
region surrounding Viña del Mar offers huge potential for the sale of supports, orthoses,
medical compression stockings and orthopedic foot orthoses,” says Alejandro Giletto,
Bauerfeind’s International Sales Manager Latin America & Canada. Bauerfeind and its
local partner Artevascular are delighted to now be able to provide support to patients and
athletes in the company’s own dedicated store.
On course for expansion
Trade fairs and events
June 2013
June 5 – 8, 2013
th EFORT Congress 2013 (European
Federation of National Associations
of Orthopaedics and Traumatology),
Istanbul, Turkey. Further information:
June 6 – 8, 2013
th Congress of the European Society of
Lymphology, Valencia, Spain. Further
June 27 – 30, 2013
th Annual Meeting of the European
Venous Forum, Belgrade, Serbia. Further
September 2013
September 8 – 13, 2013
UIP XVII World Meeting
Union Internationale de Phlébologie/
International Union of Phlebology),
Boston, USA. Further information:
September 16 – 20, 2013
th International Congress of Lymphology,
Rome, Italy. Further information:
September 19 – 21, 2013
REHABILITACJA, Rehabilitation Fair,
Lodz, Poland. Further information:
November 2013
November 20 – 23, 2013
MEDICA, International Trade Fair with
Congress, Düsseldorf, Germany. Further
December 2013
December 9 – 13, 2013
Moscow, Russia. Further information:
Viña del Mar (meaning “Vineyard by the Sea”), is a city and commune on central Chile’s Pacific coast.
The Bauerfeind store in Viña del Mar is the second retail outlet in Latin America.
Campaigns for vein health in Canada
Galien, Bauerfeind’s distribution partner
in Canada, has taken up the cause of vein
health. Each year, over 100 events are held
to inform various professional groups about
vein health and the provision of compression
stockings, some of them involving Galien
alongside local partners. These “Healthy
Legs Days” often take place in clinics, but
also at events such as the recent Greater
Edmonton Teachers’ Convention (see image).
Over 7,500 teachers were given the chance
to find out how medical compression stock­
ings work. After all, their job puts a lot of
pressure on the veins as a result of prolonged
sitting and standing. Galien and its local
partner Pulse Medical also carried out leg
measurements directly on site. Many teach­
ers took advantage of this opportunity and
even bought a pair of VenoTrain compression
stockings at the event.
Exhibition booth at the Greater Edmonton
Teachers’ Convention.
Premiere: Chile’s first Bauerfeind store
Leg health mission