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Intensive scientific exchange
Rehabilitation specialists, traumatologists and (sports) orthopedists from across Russia
gathered at the First Moscow State Medical University at the end of 2012 for a symposium
featuring a top-class list of participants.
The 150 or so attendees from all over the
country enjoyed an exciting program, which
was presented by the Chairman of the sym­
posium’s steering committee and Deputy Di­
rector of the “Priorova” Central Institute of
Traumatology and Orthopedics, Prof. Nikolai
Eskin. Prof. Markus Walther, Medical Director
and Consultant at the Schön Klinik’s Center
for Foot and Ankle Surgery in Munich, kicked
off this Bauerfeind-sponsored event with a
speech on the topic of “Treatment concepts
in foot and ankle problems.” Indication­
appropriate orthotic care is usually an
integral part of this.
Dr. Homayun Gharavi, President of the
German Academy of Applied Sports Medicine
GAASM), spoke about “the importance of
active and multifunctional braces in sports
rehabilitation.” In doing so, he compared a
simple tape bandage with treatment involv­
ing the MalleoTrain ankle support.
While Ulf Harzmann, International Sales
Manager Eastern Europe at Bauerfeind,
presented the active principles of multi­
functional orthoses, the Moscow-based
physicians at the symposium added their
own contributions based on their clinical
experiences of using Bauerfeind products.
Prof. Michael A. Eremushkin (MD and a
holder of numerous posts, including Profes­
sor of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation,
IOPS FMBA), talked about the use of orthoses
at various stages of outpatient treatment.
Oleg Nikolaevich Milenin (MD, PhD, Se­
nior Researcher for the Russian Scientific
Research Institute of Physical Culture and
Sport, gave a presentation on the use of the
GenuTrain P3 knee support in the treatment
of patellofemoral pain syndrome.
At the accompanying exhibition, the sym­
posium participants had the chance to find
out about Bauerfeind’s products and mea­
surement technology, as well as the work car­
ried out by local Bauerfeind partners Orteka
and Nikamed.
On several occasions during the event, the
hosts of the symposium explicitly empha­
sized the importance of high-quality medical
aids for targeted patient care, citing this as
the reason why Bauerfeind products have
been so well-received in Russia. Based on
positive feedback from the participants, it
has been decided to hold the symposium on
an annual basis in future.
Moscow Symposium on Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
The intense exchange between participants continued even during breaks in proceedings and at
fringe events.
Bauerfeind’s MalleoTrain S ankle support is now also available with an open heel area: this
modification means that the MalleoTrain S open heel improves contact with the floor. The
support is thus particularly suitable for wearing during sports carried out in bare feet, such
as gymnastics, martial arts and dancing.
Both the MalleoTrain S and the MalleoTrain S open heel stabilize the foot thanks to the
level strap system. This protects against lateral twisting, improves proprioception during
movement and provides a feeling of security. They provide support for the foot without
restricting its mobility and are thus particularly suitable for use in sport.
For improved contact with the floor
MalleoTrain S open heel
MalleoTrain S open heel: particularly suitable for wearing
during sports carried out in bare feet.
Pictures: Bauerfeind,, Corrina Mallon