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magazine 2012/1
Stores in Kiev, Ankara, Gdańsk, Warsaw, and São Paulo
Bauerfeind continues to expand its international sales network, opening five new
stores in Eastern Europe and South America. These quality German products are
­winning over athletes and patients around the world.
Worldwide expansion
The opening of the new Bauerfeind store in
Kiev in mid-October 2011 went down very well
indeed. “Ukraine suffers from a lack of high-
quality medical aids,” explains Ulf Harzmann,
International Sales Manager Central & Eastern
Europe at Bauerfeind. The capital Kiev, with
its 2.8 million inhabitants, offers tremendous
potential for sales of supports, orthoses,
compression stockings, and foot orthoses.
In Ukraine, these are only sold by Miltonia
Health Science. Store manager Galyna Augus-
tin is optimistic about the future: “Thanks to
their quality, German-made products are held
in high regard in Ukraine.”
Clients in the Polish cities of Warsaw and
Gdańsk also place product quality at the
top of their list. Since opening at the end
of November 2011, the new central Gdańsk
store, as a “Bauerfeind Competence Center”,
is able to offer its clients medical aids from
all product divisions. To ensure products fit
perfectly, the sales personnel use a range of
Bauerfeind measurement systems. The Warsaw
store, which is also a “Bauerfeind Competence
Center”, opened in January 2012 and offers
the same range of services as that in Gdańsk.
Since the end of November 2011, the Turkish
capital Ankara has been able to boast its own
Bauerfeind store. Many clients, physicians,
and politicians came to the opening, and
they were even joined by Sadik Yakut, Deputy
Speaker of the Turkish Parliament. The store
is similarly equipped to its counterparts
in Gdańsk and Warsaw. It is situated in a
residential area, near several hospitals and
“A local company in São Paulo, inspired by
its existing relationships and collaboration
projects with athletes and sports physicians,
decided to set up a new store selling only
Bauerfeind products,” recounts Alejandro
Giletto, International Sales Manager Latin
America & Canada at Bauerfeind. Based in
Brazil’s largest city, with its multicultural
feel, the store focuses primarily on sports
medicine. The business started trading in
December 2011, with the formal opening
penciled in for March during the heat of the
Brazilian summer.
A real eye-catcher: the new Bauerfeind store in São Paulo.
Kiev: Visibly pleased with the opening cele­
brations (from left to right): Galyna Augustin,
store manager, Raja Augustin, owner, and
Ulf Harzmann, International Sales Manager
Bauerfeind AG.
Gdańsk: The guests discovered Bauerfeind
­products such as TRIactive foot orthoses –
here, an interested visitor is in conversation
with Jacek Palkanski (right), Bauerfeind Sales
Manager in Poland.
Ankara: Sadik Yakut, Deputy Speaker of the
­Turkish Parliament, cuts the ribbon.