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magazine 2012/1
“Golden Incheba” for sports foot orthosis
Supporting the top team
Netball, a team game similar to basketball,
is a hugely popular sport in Singapore, espe-
cially among women and girls. The Sneakers
are one of the oldest and largest netball
clubs in the Asian city-state, and they also
happen to be one of the most successful
teams in the country’s National League –
the Energizer National League (ENL). The
club has already clinched this national
championship more than four times. Last
fall, the Sneakers entered several teams in
ENL 2011. The competing players took to
the netball courts equipped with supports,
orthoses and compression stockings from
Bauerfeind. The success of the Sneakers in
Netball in Singapore
In September 2011, the most important medical exhibition in the Slovakian Republic – the
SLOVMEDICA – gathered together employees from the health management sector in Bratislava.
As part of this the organizer awards the “Golden Incheba” for the best exhibitor. The sports
foot orthosis GloboTec comfort sports from Bauerfeind met the criteria for functionality and
quality and therefore received the award this year.
Netball is very popular in Singapore.
the ENL speaks for itself: well-equipped and
in top form, they won every competition in
the tournament. Speaking after the matches,
Sneakers defender Cheryl Ann Lee was
impressed by the effectiveness of the Veno-
Train sport compression stockings: “At first I
was skeptical of the compression stockings
but I tried them on out of curiosity, anyway.
I was blown away by how light-on-my-feet I
felt as I was playing.” Ankle stability is also
very important in netball, as it is a sport
which involves a lot of high and power-
ful jumps. The MalleoLoc ankle orthosis
went down well with the players, including
defender Hin Ann. “I like the ankle guards
because they really give me support for my
ankles,” she explained.
ErgoPad redux hallux
For walking without pain
The ErgoPad redux hallux orthopedic
foot orthosis provides conservative
therapeutic support in the case of a
restriction of movement or stiffening
of the metatarsophalangeal joint. De-
pending on the characteristics of the
condition, hallux rigidus is associated
with increasing pain while walking. To
alleviate this pain, the foot orthosis
immobilizes the metatarsophalangeal
joint during the heel-to-toe move-
ment. This effect is produced by the
incorporated reinforcement element,
which is positioned directly under-
neath the metatarsophalangeal joint
of the first ray and runs along the
outer part of the ball of the foot. This
ensures that the inner and outer balls
of the foot are on the same level – thus
Pictures: Sneakers Netball Club (Koh Shujun), Bauerfeind, Edison Garcia (São Paulo)
Stabilizing Element
Top cover and cushion layer
Bottom layer
Metatarsal pad
Reinforcement element
Synthetic core
Construction of the foot orthosis ErgoPad redux hallux.
preventing any supination misalign-
ment of the forefoot and maintaining
the physiological direction of move-
ment. The specially adapted size of the
reinforcement element helps prevent
any leverage movement out of the
shoe. The padded PU cushion layer
absorbs and distributes pressure loads
under the forefoot. The ErgoPad redux
hallux is available with the reinforce-
ment element either on the left or on
the right, combined with a complemen-
tary orthosis without a reinforcement
element – if required, it is of course
also available with reinforcement on
both sides. The foot orthosis is avail-
able in individual sizes from 35 to 48
and in two widths. For more informa-
tion, visit