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magazine 2012/1
700 kilometers to go
Trekking, mountain biking, lake and whitewater kayaking, canyoning and caving –
the endurance athletes aiming to tackle the Adventure Racing World Championship
(ARWC) 2011 XPD on the Australian island of Tasmania had to master all of these
disciplines. In early November, more than 80 intrepid four-man teams braved one of
the world’s toughest races over 700 kilometers, spending between six and ten gruel-
ing days out in the wilderness. With continuous extreme physical exertion, very little
sleep and exposure to the elements, the ARWC participants (the picture shows the
third-place finishers, Team Seagate from New Zealand) often pushed themselves to
the limits of human endurance. No wonder that only just over half of the teams that
started the race were able to complete the entire course. The athletes in Australia’s
Team Cyberdo, however, went into the race well-equipped and managed to success-
fully overcome the challenge together. MAS Medical, the exclusive distributor for
Bauerfeind products in Australia, helped the extreme athletes by supplying them
with GenuTrain knee supports and VenoTrain sport compression stockings.