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magazine 2012/1
With TRIactive and GloboTec comfort sports, Bauerfeind offers two different types of foot
orthoses for active people: one, in the form of a soft foam blank, can be optimally tailored to
individual foot conditions and shoe shapes, whilst the low-processing plastic foot orthosis is
optimal for increasing comfort and for the prevention of foot complaints.
Completely fit for sport
TRIactive and GloboTec comfort sports
To find the right foot orthosis for sport,
many factors must be taken into account:
What shoe does the sportsperson wear?
What loads are the feet and foot orthoses
subject to? What misalignments or bad
posture exist in the body? For example, the
sports foot orthosis TRIactive is beneficial
to professional tennis player Alina Wessel,
who has long-term hip problems, whereas
sports scientist and running analyst Frank
Haist counters his knee complaints with
GloboTec comfort sports.
The TRIactive, with its material thickness in
the forefoot area, offers more cushioning if
the shoe volume is sufficient. The comfort
sports, on the other hand, fits into almost
any type of sports shoe thanks to its low
height and can, depending upon the model,
also be used in football boots, golf shoes,
hiking boots and ski boots. If required, the
technical personnel of a medical supply
retailer or an orthopedic shoe specialist can
fit this low-processing foot orthosis into the
customer‘s shoe. In the TRIactive, on the
other hand, adaptation to the foot and shoe
should take place after a suitable analysis
of the foot position. However, the two foot
orthosis models do share common features:
their structure is based upon PowerWave
technology in which materials with differ-
ent firmness are vertically intermeshed. In
this manner the foot orthosis can actively
support the natural gait pattern and offer
targeted relief to specific areas of the foot.
And: both foot orthoses are available in the
versions run, play, walk and golf – individu-
ally tailored to the sporting aspirations of
the wearer.
A good feeling right from the start
The professional tennis player Alina Wessel
trains with the foot orthosis TRIactive play.
The 20-year-old has been playing tennis
since she was ten. For some time she has
suffered with pelvis problems every now and
Professional tennis player Alina Wessel trains with the foot orthosis TRIactive play.
• Intelligent soft foam foot orthosis
blank for sport-specific support and
• PowerWave technology in the cushion
layer and base layer
• Thanks to the material thickness,
provides greater cushioning when the
shoe volume is sufficient
• Various application options for indi-
vidual foot conditions and shoe shapes
• Individual adaptation to foot and shoe
based upon analysis of the foot condi-
• Available in different variants for walk-
ing and hiking, running, hall and ball
sports and golf
Pictures: Stefan Durstewitz, Patick Seeger