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magazine 2012/1
normal activity and regaining and maintain-
ing range of motion is very important to
them. Bauerfeind products help them do just
that. We explain that stabilizing the joint
through the use of the brace is important be-
cause this minimizes further injury, promotes
a quicker recovery and allows them to get
back the full range of motion much sooner. At
first, a patient might be reluctant to wear the
brace, but once it is put on by the nurse and
they feel the comfort and relief they have a
different attitude. This results in high compli-
ance. We’ve also found that patients like the
support they get from the brace long after the
procedure and continue to use it whenever
they feel the need. Thousands of my patients
have used, and continue to use, Bauerfeind
support products as part of their treatment
plan and are very pleased with them.
What is it about GenuTrain knee supports and
SacroLoc orthosis that make them different
from other products on the market?
Dr. Purita:
I tried a knock off of GenuTrain
but the product fell apart. Durability is the
key. Bauerfeind products can be used for a
long time before they need to be replaced.
Another key factor is the anatomically
shaped viscoelastic inserts that provide
target compression. This massaging effect
enhances therapeutic treatment by stimulat-
ing the neuro-motor system and results in
a positive influence on muscles and joints
by reducing the pain. Braces alone don’t do
everything, but the feeling of well-being
that is provided by GenuTrain is all about
proprioception. And, of course, the product
has a modern design and is attractive. This
also promotes patient compliance.
Where do you see the future of conservative
treatment of degenerative medicine, and
what do you see as the role of compressive
products such as Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain in
that future?
Dr. Purita:
What’s new today will be main
stream tomorrow and, in my opinion, without
a doubt stem cells and platelet rich plasma
(PRP) will be a part of that in the US. How-
ever, no matter what the technology, there
is no question that stabilizing the tissue
and reducing inflammation will always be a
part of successful treatment. Using support
products such as Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain
and ­SacroLoc right alongside these new
­procedures will be a key factor in returning
a patient to normal activity as quickly as
Dr. Joseph Purita, renowned orthopedic
physician and pioneer in the use of the
laser in orthopedic surgery, is part of an
11-physician team of orthopedic special-
ists at the Boca Raton Orthopedic Group
in Boca Raton, Florida, the largest and
foremost provider of orthopedic services
in South Palm Beach County. He is also
founder of the Institute of Regenerative
and Molecular Orthopedics, a hybrid of
traditional orthopedics and cutting edge
regenerative medicine utilizing a variety
of non-surgical solutions.
Does the SacroLoc fit well? The orthopedic physician takes a close look.
Dr. Joseph Purita.
Dr. Joseph Purita