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Huntelaar, van der Vaart and all the other top
footballers in the current “Oranje” line-up,
is an indispensable part of Dr. Goudswaard’s
job: “My main responsibility is the players’
health.” This also involves building a rela-
tionship of trust, not just with the players,
but also with their respective team physi-
cians. “In the event of an injury, I depend on
being given absolutely reliable information.
I need to know what happened, what has
been done,” says the 50-year-old physician,
explaining why an intensive exchange of
knowledge is necessary. “Most of my col-
leagues from the various football clubs trust
me because they know how we work.”
Like the manager, the team physician needs
to keep a watchful eye on the game from
his place in the dugout at the edge of the
field. “I monitor every player closely during
a game, paying attention to his sequences
of movements. Players sometimes look fitter
than they actually are, so it is important to
protect them.”
In professional football, as in other areas of
life, the pressure to perform is enormous. A
place in the team is considered to be some-
thing worth defending under any circum-
stances. This applies to every single team in
the world. “However, we also know how long
it takes for various tissues to recover,” Dr.
Goudswaard points out, “and we stick strictly
to these recovery times.” He benefits from
the fact that professional footballers, like
other top athletes, are generally reasonably
well-versed in medical matters. Their bodies
are their main asset. In principle, they take a
high degree of personal interest in conserva-
tive treatment. And therapists can count on
a high level of compliance, especially when
the treatment takes place at the KNVB’s
Sports Medical Center. At the moment, the
center is seeing a limited influx of players
seeking treatment. There are many possible
reasons for this, one of which is that the
work carried out here is producing successful
“Being team physician at the
KNVB is a full-time job.”
(Dr. Gert-Jan Goudswaard)