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magazine 2012/1
Olympic athletics team. Ida Eriksson, a
physiotherapist, takes care of the national
cross-country skiing team during world cup
competitions and the Olympic Games.
Using the body to boost recovery
Red ropes hang down from the ceiling of the
large treatment room. A projector casts a
large diagram on the wall. “We want to show
our patients what we do and what their own
bodies can do to boost rehabilitation,” ex-
plains Thomas Langer. The certified physio-
therapist is also one of the clinic’s founders.
With the aid of a pulley system (Redcord),
he is currently in the process of aligning
variety of professions among its staff, the
private clinic boasts another special feature:
there are virtually no waiting times. Patients
are called in for treatment in no time at all.
This is in complete contrast to the crowded
corridors of Karlstad’s state hospital, which
is signposted on the way to the Klarälven
Clinic like a traffic diversion. The reason
for this cannot possibly be the number of
patients, the Klarälven Clinic receives a lot of
visitors too.
There is always a constant stream of top
athletes coming and going. The orthopedic
specialist Dr. Dick Larsson, one of the two
founders of the clinic, looks after the ­Swedish
Karlstad is a small but vibrant city in central
Sweden. Klarälven, the longest river in the
country, gurgles and flows at a leisurely pace
around the heart of the city. Only a short
walk away from the river, right near the city’s
ice hockey arena, is the Klarälven Clinic. No
matter whether they are young or old, sporty
or non-athletic types, patients with joint and
muscle complaints of all kinds are treated
here at the clinic. As well as orthopedic
specialist and physiotherapists, the clinic
employs masseurs, yoga instructors and
chiropractors to take care of the well-being
of its patients. The team is soon to be joined
by a psychologist too. In addition to the
Injured top athletes need efficient treatment, and in Sweden this is where decentralized local
networks play a vital role. Even coaches are part of the chain of communication. In such a large
country a lot depends on information – and materials.
In a country where therapy
networks reign
Sports rehabilitation in Sweden
Physiotherapist Ida Eriksson takes care of the national cross-country skiing team during world cup competitions and the Olympic Games.