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magazine 2012/1
Pictures: Juliane Backmann, Bauerfeind, Pat Scheidemann
“When I joined Bauerfeind, one of my goals
was to operate at the Olympic level”, says
Dr. Andrew Pritikin, D.P.T., Clinical Director
and Manager of the Bauerfeind Performance
Center in Santa Monica, USA. As a member of
the Bauerfeind Service Team, this Olympics
fan will be in London in a few weeks’ time
supplying athletes with orthopedic aids,
The same quality for all
Bauerfeind Performance Center in Santa Monica
although he is already devoting much of his
time to Bauerfeind’s Olympic involvement.
“I am currently introducing the ­medical
directors of the US Olympic team to
Bauerfeind’s products and how they work,”
explains Dr. Pritikin. “Our aids can help our
athletes achieve their goals in London. We
invite the individual teams to have their
measurements taken at the Bauerfeind Per-
formance Center using our state-of-the-art
measurement technology, before we fit them
out with the products they need. We are also
doing the rounds of the training facilities
in California with a mobile foot pressure
measurement device.” The Doctor of Physical
Therapy has already measured and fitted out
members of the US basketball, water polo,
volleyball, and swimming teams.
“Our Olympic engagement provides a great
opportunity to get Bauerfeind exposed
on a world-wide stage,” says Dr. Pritikin.
One aspect of this, however, is particularly
important to him: “We supply our top-quality
products to the elite of world athletics, but
you don’t have to be a top athlete to benefit
from our expertise. There is no difference be-
tween the Olympic athlete and the everyday
consumer: They get the same products, and
the same level of quality.“
There is plenty to offer to visitors to the
­Bauerfeind Performance Center in Santa
Monica both before and during the Summer
Olympic Games. “Regular events are held in
the store,” confirms Dr. Pritikin. “For example,
we have already had a talk by an Olympian on
what it takes to become an Olympic athlete.
All I can do is ask those interested in sport to
pay us a visit: Whatever challenges you face,
we’re here to help you!“
Dr. Andrew Pritikin, D.P.T., Clinical Director and Manager of the Bauerfeind Performance Center in
Santa Monica during a measurement session with Bauerfeind’s BodyTronic 600 measurement system.
Physicians and physiotherapists from Poland will now be
paying regular visits to Bauerfeind’s headquarters in Zeu-
lenroda, Germany. They will be undergoing further training
there at the Bauerfeind Academy as part of a cooperation
agreement signed in February by the manufacturer of medi-
cal aids and the Medical Commission of the Polish Olympic
This collaborative project involves providing top Polish
athletes with supports, medical compression stockings,
and foot orthoses for sports shoes. Bauerfeind in Poland is
responsible for kirtting out the athletes. The project also
involves staging training courses for members of the Medi-
cal Commission. A delegation of Polish physiotherapists
benefited from a training course at the Bauerfeind Academy
last fall. This gave them an opportunity to familiarize them-
selves with how the individual products work.
Joining forces for the Olympics
Bauerfeind’s commitment to sport in Poland
Polish Olympic Committee Physiotherapists during a trip to the Bauerfeind Academy
in Zeulenroda.